Dating Denver hosted by Heather Brooke


LIV Nightclub
1909 Blake Street Denver, Colorado 80202
Tag Line: Could one unordinary date night at some of Denver’s hottest locations turn into a match made in Denver?


Each episode will feature a male or female suitor and 5 contestants.

Each episode will consist of 4 possible rounds, as detailed below.

Each round will take place at a different location, preferably the businesses of our sponsors.

Round 1 –

The suitor blindly asks 3 questions of suitor’s choice to each contestant. These questions can be the same for all contestants or different for all contestants. After hearing the 5 contestant’s responses, the suitor will eliminate 1 of the contestants and will then meet the remaining 4 contestants during drinks at the same location. After drinks and about 10 minutes alone with each of the 4 contestants, the suitor will choose 3 contestants to continue with to Round 2. **If during this round the suitor chooses to eliminate 2 contestants and continue with only 2 contestants to round 2 (s) he may do so.

Round 2 –

The suitor and the 2 or 3 remaining contestants will be transported to dinner, where they will get to know each other on the ride over and during dinner. During dinner, the suitor will get 15-20 minutes alone with each contestant and after dinner will choose 2 women (or if only 2 women remaining both) women to Round 3 (activity).

Round 3 –

The suitor and the two final contestants engage in the activity for the evening (bowling, concert, game, etc.). During this round, the suitor will get another 20 minutes alone with each contestant. At the end of this round, the suitor will decide if (s) he would like to spend one on one time with one of the remaining contestants at an after-hours location (NATIV, Glow, etc.) and will ask one of the contestants to continue to round 4 with the suitor or the suitor will notify both contestants they (s) he is not interested in pursuing the evening any further with either contestant.

Round 4 –

If the suitor chooses a contestant to continue to round 4, the couple will get one on one time at the after-hours spot. At the end of this round, the suitor will decide if (s) he would like to continue to get to know the final contestant outside of the show and either end the date with a follow update, exchange of numbers, etc. or not continue to explore a relationship.

*If the couple chooses a second date, the date is to be planned by the couple, paid for by the couple, but the couple will agree to allow cameras if the show chooses to follow the second date. *