Black Lion Endeavors Executive Team

David C. Raines

MBA, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Black Lion Endeavors LLC

BLE was created and founded by its dynamic leader – Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO) | Chief Executive Officer (CEO) David C. Raines aka “Super Dave Raines” (79% owner of BLE), Mr. Raines holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Technology with an emphasis in Information Systems. Mr. Raines is a certified Air Force Project Planner, Acquisitions Professional, Project Manager and Program Manager with over 27 years of experience managing multi-million-dollar Communications-Information Systems Projects and Military Construction Projects.

david raines

Cayla McConnell

Chief Operations Officer (COO), Black Lion Endeavors LLC

Cayla McConnell will be acting as the COO, of Black Lion Endeavors, LLC. She will be in charge of the day to day operations of the company and ensuring that all of the systems, resources, and people are in place to achieve the goals of the company and its many facets that will make Black Lion Endeavors the #1 Entertainment Company in the world. Cayla holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Design, as well as a Master’s in Architecture from Colorado University. She has been working in the residential design industry as an Architectural Designer/ Project Manager for over seven years and is eager to put her project management skills to work in a new industry that she has always been passionate about. During her time as a designer, Cayla also acquired skills in project planning, project coordination, marketing, graphic presentations and event planning, all of which are valuable skills that she is excited to bring to the Black Lion Endeavors management team.

As a young singer, dancer and musician, Cayla fell in love with the entertainment industry at a young age and is excited to be a part of the industry once again. Cayla is passionate about all art forms and believes that Black Lion Endeavors will put Denver on the map as creative powerhouse, giving both Colorado locals and world-renowned artists the opportunity to express their many talents within the entertainment world.  Cayla McConnell has a 3% ownership stake of Black Lion Endeavors.

Nancy Blizzard

BBA Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Black Lion Endeavors LLC

Nancy Blizzard is a Financial Service Representative at Nordstrom Card Services.  She received her Business Administration degree from The Women’s College at University of Denver in 2008. She managed to complete her education while working a full-time job at Merrill Lynch. Her thirteen-year career at Merrill Lynch in Asset Management and Retirement Services strengthened her valuable financial skills. She enjoyed building solid relationships with internal and external clients and received several service awards for delivering excellent service.

She is a member of Spirited Speakers Toastmasters and believes excellent communication skills are an essential tool in business.  Nancy Blizzard has a 3% ownership stake of Black Lion Endeavors.


Natela Manunts

Vice President of Marketing and Advertising, Black Lion Endeavors LLC

Natela Manuntseva is an adventurist, explorer, and an avid traveler. She enjoys meeting new people and encourages a better atmosphere.
With experience ranging from Market Manager to event engineer and coordinator as well as a heavy emphasis on sales oriented positions allows Natela to understand and be a successful advocate to any organization that wishes to expand, strengthen and utilize the organizational department.
With strong communication skills and public speaking skills, Natela can connect and relate to the utmost critically skeptical audience.
While also having experience working in the research field, Natela posses an adequate knowledge in conducting substantial research, knowing, in order to move forward, solid research is the foundation of any successful project.

Emily Mungle

Vice President of International Business and Events

Emily Mungle is a highly accomplished Production Manager with years of hands experience in marketing, advertising, creative design, time management, contract management, client communication, project management, creativity, concept development, production operations, scheduling events and talent buying.  Inspired Artistic Director with 5 years of experience leading craftspeople in the art and music community. Proven strengths in teaching and coaching artists to develop their own style and passions.  Motivated and energetic with experience coordinating and hosting art and music events. Capable of guiding a team of creative individuals through all phases of projects.


Dustin James

Director of Big Show Entertainment Network Production Works | Big Show “Q” Branch

    • Musician, Photographer, Podcaster, Music Video Producer/Director, Autodidact, All Around Helluva Guy

As Director it is my job to ensure all the Big Show Entertainment Network shows happen. From filming to editing and promoting, I do it all, or I find someone who can.


Generally Nerdy
Stem Cellular One Studios
Enlightened Artists
ObZeen Production Network
Nerdy Legion Podcast Network

Always having been thirsty for knowledge and good music, my youth was spent in music and books. Not having much in the way of money made pursuing my passions difficult when I graduated high school, so I just dove right in and got messy. The best way to learn is experience, and I have been gaining that since I was a teenager.

Now that I have more than a few decades of experience creating all kinds of content, I am establishing myself as a solid and consistent creator with a unique eye for angles others miss or simply dismiss. From stage to screen and everything in between I aim to make the highest quality, most engaging, and unique content possible.

Director James is responsible for all the audio/video production and the technological direction of Black Lion Endeavors LLC. Big Show Q-Branch and Mr. James’s team will be responsible for event setup and tear down of Big Show Entertainment Network’s Roadshow events (i.e. BEN after Dark). Big Show Q-Branch is also responsible for content on our website (developed by Wolf & Key) and all of our social media networks (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube).  Dustin James has a 3% ownership stake in Black Lion Endeavors.

Heather Brooke

Executive Officer and Press Secretary | Host of Dating Denver

Heather Brooke was born and raised in Central Texas where she grew up competing in beauty pageants. She moved to Southwestern Colorado in 2005, where she lived until moving to Northern Colorado in 2016. Heather is the mother of two girls, Skylar (15) and Avery (7). Heather holds an AA degree in Business and BS in Psychology from University of Phoenix and MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Adams State University. She is currently a Licensed Professional Counselor and neurofeedback specialist for Neurofeedback Clinic of Northern Colorado and also has a private practice. Heather was crowned Ms. Woman Colorado United States 2017 and was crowned Colorado’s Perfect Woman 2019. Heather’s platform for competition was mental health awareness. Heather is a published author, publishing her therapeutic children’s book, “Where’s My Hair? A Trichotillomania Story for Children” in August 2018.

Heather is also an actress and model, appearing on ABC’s The Proposal (2018), Hair Club Infomercial (2019), Final Transit (2019), 13 Fanboy (in production), The Fashion Show (in production) and Vice Squad: Atlanta (pre-production). Heather is the host of BEN Reality TV’s Dating Denver. As a model, she has been published in Art and Beauty Magazine (2019), Models of Colorado Magazine (2019) and Voyage Denver Magazine (2019). She has walked the runway in International Fashion Show, Denver Unique Week of Fashion, Nue Fashion Show, Festival of Color Denver, THORN, Fierce in the City 4 and more.

When she’s not working, Heather can be found at her daughter’s basketball practices and games, gymnastics or other activities that allow her to spend time with her daughters, such as traveling, going to movies and going to concerts.

Suzanne Simone

Head of House, Black Lion House of Fashion, “The House of Black” | Faded 42 Brand

Suzanne Simone is a Professional Photographer, Model, Singer, Dancer, and Actress. Originally from the East Coast, she moved to Colorado in 2009. Suzanne started Singing, Dancing, and Acting at age 3 and started getting heavier involved in Modeling & Photography as a teenager. She attended College on an Opera Scholarship, received her B. A. in Communications with a Minor in the Performing Arts as she both studied Classical Voice in school while Singing & Dancing Mainstream Music in the House Trio at Saddlebrook Country Club & the 13-piece Corporate Band South Town Fever at night. Throughout College she obtained multiple Scholarships, Titles, & Awards in the Miss America Scholarship Pageant System. Suzanne has had the opportunity as a petite Model to walk on the Runway in New York Fashion Week, Red Ball, and Denver Fashion Week to name a few. She currently owns her own Professional Photography and Videography Company and can also be found Singing, Dancing, and Acting alongside her Modeling endeavors. She continues to strive for excellence in each of her artistic skills every day, with the idea that no height is too high to obtain her dreams!  Suzanne Simone has a 3% ownership stake in Black Lion Endeavors.