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Setting the MCU Electro News Straight

by / 0 Comments / 8 View / October 4, 2020

Setting the Electro news straight right here on Black Lion Endeavors!






The Orville – Seth McFarlane made it clear during an IG interview that they are STILL planning on a return to production. They are still figuring out how to stay safe while actually producing the show.

Lord of the Rings – Also back in production

Ms Marvel – Kamala Khan has been cast for Disney+; the actress is Iman Vellani.

Batwoman – Alex Morf, who had a smaller role in Gotham, has been cast as Victor Zasz.



The show is supposed to go into production in the next 3 weeks, but they apparently don’t have a LEAD yet. New report puts Tom Sturridge (young actor with no real nerd credits, but apparently a more traditional actor) “in talks” to take over the role of Morpheus.


Conan The Barbarian

New series in development at Netflix. The streamer is currently looking for a showrunner/writer, and director for the project.


Batman: Unburied

David S. Goyer is producing a new scripted podcast.





Matrix 4 – Daniel Bernhardt will be returning as Agent Johnson.


Spider-Man 3

Jamie Foxx will REPRISE (?) his role as Electro in the movie… Well, at least we have word that negotiations are ongoing.


Rumor Mill


Darth Bane

There are rumors that Disney has MULTIPLE Darth Bane projects in the works.

MK11 – The Thiny says Rambo, Mileena, and rain are the next DLC

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