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Nerd News Headlines 08-26

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Gotham PD – We now know that the show will serve as a prequel to Matt Reeves’ movie. The movie is “year two” and the series is “year one.”

Titans – Season 3 will bring us the series’ take on the Red Hood, as confirmed by a DC Fandome panel.

Penny Dreadful – City of Angels cancelled after just one season.

The Stand – CBS has announced the premiere date of the limited series on All Access; Dec 17th. The cast includes Whoopi Goldberg, James Marsden Alexander Skarsgård, Odessa Young, Greg Kinnear, Heather Graham, Amber Heard, Jovan Adepo and Marilyn Manson (though there are many, many more coming over its expansive narrative), and is written by The Fault in our Stars and The New Mutants director Josh Boone and Ben Cavell (who’s the showrunner). And now we know that Stephen King will be writing the final episode, changing the ending somehow.

Powerpuff Girls

Live action show on the CW from Greg Berlanti. This sounds like a continuation of the original animated series, as we will find the girls as 20 somethings who have grown a little disillusioned.

Haunting of Bly Manor

We have learned a thing or 2. Set in the 80s. To be released sometime this fall (Halloween likely). And new promo pics have been circulating around the internet.



Snyder Cut – Will be 4 hours long, and released in 4 1-hour chunks that you will be able to watch one at a time or string them together as one full movie.


The Batman –

Snyder Cut –

The Suicide Squad –

Wonder Woman 84 –

Raised by Wolves –

DC Multiverse

Fandome revealed OFFICIALLY that all these movies can coexist because of the Multiverse,

Static Shock

There was word from DC Fandome that a live-action Static Shock movie is in the EARLY stages of development.

Black Adam

The Rock confirmed on his Twitter that Hawkgirl WON’T be in the movie. For reasons he will elaborate on when the NDA runs out. Instead we will get Cyclone. Which actually makes a little sense, since Hawkgirl is only a sometimes member of the JSA in the comics

DC Animated

With Superman: Man of Tomorrow and Batman: Soul of the Dragon being the announced animated animated movies, Fandome saw the announcement of Justice Society: World War II and Batman: The Long Halloween. No date for the JSA movie (aside from “early next year”), but Long Halloween will be the second animated release of 2021, to be released in 2 parts.

Shazam 2

Official subtitle is “Fury of the Gods”

Rumor Mill



Reportedly casting “Jacob Zsasz.” Is this code for Victor? Is it Victor’s brother? WHO KNOWS?


The Thing

John Carpenter has teased the possibility that Blumhouse is working on ANOTHER reboot of his epic 1982 horror movie.



Reportedly the prequel series is looking at Jason Momoa being the man they want for the show.



MORE rumors of Charlie Cox’s return. Not only for a movie (now they are saying it will be the next avengers movie and NOT Spider-Man) but ALSO for a revival of the Netflix show on either Disney+ or Hulu.


Mad Max: Furiosa

Chris Hemsworth being eyed as the male lead for the movie.


Fast and the Furious

Tom Holland in talks to feature in the 10th installment of the series.


Ghost Rider

Johnny Depp reportedly wants to play the villain for the rumored movie. That villain? Bounty Hunter.

New rumor suggests that the motorcycle riding Johnny Blaze is going to make his first appearance in the MCU in the Blade movie. Just a cameo at first, to set up the Midnight Sons, then with a more significant role in the second Blade movie.



The shortlist for the rumored villain Reverse Flash:
Michael Fassbender

Charlie Hunnam

Alexander Skarsgard

James Norton

Billy Magnussen


The Batman

“R” rated?


MK 11

New datamine shows that there are indeed 8 more DLC kharacter slots. AND there are now Cyrax audio files.

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