Nerd News Headlines 07-17

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Sean Bean is going to be joining the cast of the prequel series as Mr. Wilford, the architect of the train itself. So he is destined to die at some point then right?


Usagi Yojimbo

Netflix is developing an animated series based on the manga, and sometimes TMNT guest.

Well… kinda. Creator Stan Sakai and James Wan, among others, are set to be on the production staff, but the series (called Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles) will focus on a DESCENDANT (Yuichi) of Yojimbo, and not the anthropomorphized rabbit in the title. Interesting choice.



New trailer. Will be on Syfy AS WELL AS USA Network.





Tom Holland has posted an image of himself on set. Indicating production is underway.


Just Cause

Derek Kolstad (John Wick) is now writing a film based on the Just Cause video game franchise for Stuber director Michael Dowse.


New Mutants

Looks like Marvel WILL actually have some presence at Comic Con this year. New Mutants will have a panel during the Thursday programming at 2pm.


Black Adam

Noah Centineo cast as Atom Smasher in the movie. Which was leaked on REDDIT???
Centineo ALSO recently cast in He-Man.



Universal and Mattel are working on a movie adaptation of the children’s educational show. Enough is too much.


Rumor Mill


Space Force

RUMORED to be renewed for a second season. Until Netflix officially announces it, it isn’t news.


The Batman

Rumored to be moving EVERYTHING onto sound stages in order to keep production going (assuming they can get it started again.)



Hayden Christiansen is said to be returning as Anikin/Vader in the series.


Solo Series

Disney is rumored to be considering this as the continuation of the story, instead of a movie series.



Rumored to be in the works over at Nintendo.


New Mutants

Going to VOD next week? Not likely.



Giancarlo Esposito rumored to be cast… also NOT LIKELY!


Jamie Foxx

Reportedly being eyed for Bishop with multiple appearances throughout phase 4.


Star Wars: Lucas Cut

New rumors about the Lucas Cut. Now they have NUMBERS! Apparently there is an approximate 40% difference from what we got in the theater and the version that Lucas cut.



Reportedly looking at bringing Vin Diesel to play Black Bolt in a reboot.



New rumors are saying that the introduction of Wade Wilson to the MCU will tie him directly to the Weapon X program (and thus the X-Men) and will make him something of a villain to start.

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