Nerd News Headlines 07-07

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Unsolved Mysteries – no host, and now word is there will be less supernatural content on the show because the internet.



The series adaptation of the newest William Gibson book got its first trailer. Being developed for Amazon ALSO by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy.


Groundhog Day

Sony is developing a series based on the 93 movie set 30 years later.



Renewed for a season 2. But will ONLY be on the CW…


Metal Gear

Jordan Vogt-Roberts told Gary Whitta on his Animal Talking podcast, that he is trying to get an animated series going in tandem with the live-action movie. Saying he wants to bring back the original voice cast, including David Hayter as Snake.


Production Return

Lord of the Rings, Power Rangers, and Cowboy Bebop are set to return to production in New Zealand in the near future. The production staff, and actors, will be on a very short list of people allowed entrance into the country, alongside other productions including the Avatar sequels.




Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Scheduled to resume filming in Australia at the end of the month.


Production Return

Uk productions will be allowed to resume in the near future, as the UK Culture Secretary, Oliver Dowden, made some updates to the country’s COVID guidelines. Productions like The Batman, M:I 7, Fantastic Beasts 3, and The Little Mermaid, will have to work in a bubble, but they will be allowed to return to work.


Rumor Mill



WB is developing a stand alone movie. They are saying this is separate from the Justice League Dark movie that Abrams is working on. But separate how?



Also, rumored to be also in development. Likely the Keanu Reeves revival we heard rumored before.



Terry McGinnis eat your heart out, Barbra Gordon will be the trainee under retired Bruce Wayne?? If this is true, the new DCEU might just be DOA…


Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds is now being rumored to be in FURTHER negotiations to play Hal Jordan in more than just the Snyder Cut. To Flashpoint, and BEYOND!


Justice League: Rebirth



Birds of Prey 2

No longer happening.


Alien and Predator

Following the Marvel announcement, now there are rumors of the comics being a testing ground for new movies…


Silent Hill

Rumor has it that the official reveal of the game will be this year in either august or september. And it will tell us that the game will be for PS5.


Half Baked 2

Said to have received a California state tax credit within the last week. Rumored to be about Thurgood’s son.



Krang the villain in the live-action reboot.


WB Gaming

Microsoft rumored to be throwing their hat in the ring for the acquisition of WB Games.


Batman Forever

There is a 170 minute long cut? Supposedly much darker than the original Joel Schumacker version, that goes deeper into Bruce’s childhood.

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